Red Door Kids

Nurturing faith in the next generation is our passion. We want our kids to grow to love Jesus and live out his love in the world. From our newborns, to welcoming kids in worship, to celebrating milestones in their lives, we seek to instill faith as an important value in our kids.

Through age appropriate teaching, we meet kids at their level and share the Bible in a way that they can connect to their everyday experiences.


Bring the kiddos Sundays @ 9am for children formation hour which runs at the same time as the adult formation hour.

Kids from ages 6-10  learn the Bible, cover-to-cover, with this zany, fun, excellent series called What’s In The Bible from Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer.

Older kids from ages 9-12 learn the Bible, from beginning to end  in story form  using The Story for kids and also receive a prayer journal to support the habit of prayer in their life as they enter teenage years.

Contact us here for more info.


Children and infants are always welcome to stay with parents during worship for the entire service. We also have a children’s corner with toys for them (we don’t mind babies behaving like babies).

A Parent’s Room is available to next to the Sanctuary (worship space).

Jesus Storybook Bibles are in the pew racks & coloring pages are available at the welcome station, for your children to enjoy during the service. If they do not have a Bible, please take one home as our gift to you.