Offering His Hope & Healing

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.” ~ Matthew 28:19-20

The words above are known as Jesus’ Great Commission: His last instructions to His Apostles before He ascended back to His Father in heaven. Go. Make Disciples. Baptize. Teach. How do we do that at the Red Doors?



We support those who’ve gone through…

This is a partnership with our sister-diocese of Haiti

This is a partnership with our sister-diocese of Newala, Tanzania


We go ourselves locally to make disciples through…

Seventeen Churches in the one County working together across denominational lines with one common purpose: to help people find refreshment through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.



How do we make disciples at the Red Doors? It starts with an invitation then continues with Baptism & Teaching. What does our inviting look like? Inviting the whole town to receive prayer and treats on All Hallow’s Eve. Summertime Kid’s 5 Day Club. A sanctuary of worship on Christmas & Easter. Partners to serve our community alongside. A cup of coffee and conversation.



What is baptism? It means to be immersed…to be “in.” Literally, this means water. Spiritually, this means Jesus. To be completely immersed in Jesus Christ. To find your identity in…your hope in…your salvation in…and your way of life in Jesus. It’s how you become a follower of Jesus…a disciple. It’s how you tell God and the world you’re a Believer.

In the Ancient Tradition of the Church, Baptism finds its completion in the laying on of hands by an Apostle to receive the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:14-17). Today we call this CONFIRMATION. We offer Confirmation for people of any age who desire to receive the prayer of a Bishop (a successor to the Apostles) for the strength of the Holy Spirit to live a dynamic life in Christ. Confirmation takes place once a year when the Bishop Visits.

Baptisms are always a part of our regular Sunday worship services and, following the practice of Ancient Christians, typically take place on these days…

  • All Saints Sunday (Sunday immediately after Nov. 1st)
  • Feast of the Baptism of Jesus (Sunday immediately after Epiphany: Jan. 6th)
  • The Great Vigil of Easter (Saturday night before Easter)
  • Pentecost (50 Days after the Feast of the Resurrection)
  • The Bishop’s Visit



According to Jesus, disciple-making involves teaching people to “obey everything he commanded.” We do all kinds of teaching at the Red Doors which you can read more about here.